Understanding a Mosquito’s Life Cycle


A mosquito will go through four stages during its life. While most of us think of the mosquito as a flying insect, the fact is that during three of the four stages, the mosquito is aquatic. So why is it important to understand the life cycle of a mosquito? Beyond extending your knowledge of insect biology, understanding how to identify areas, where mosquitos breed and infest, will help with your mosquito prevention efforts. 

The Egg Stage

mosquito life cycleDepending on the type of mosquito, eggs will be laid one-by-one usually in a single file or in bunches making small boats or rafts.  Most mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of the water, but others will do so on the shore where the water will later cover them. Usually an egg with hatch within forty-eight hours of being laid; this, however, may change if the climate is not warm enough.

The Second Stage of a Mosquito Life Cycle is the Larva

Larva likes to live in water. They do, however, require coming to the surface in order to breathe but will often return under the surface. The larva will go through four stages of growth, each time shedding its skin for a bigger one to grow into. They eat whatever organic mass they find in the water including microorganisms.  Once the larva sheds its final skin it will transition into the next stage.

The Larva Becomes a Pupa

During the third stage, they do not require sustenance. They are basically hibernating, except they do move if they perceive any danger. Just like a caterpillar will metamorphose into a butterfly, the pupa will develop into an adult or what we commonly refer to as a mosquito.

Finally, the Last Stage, Adult Mosquito

This is the stage that we are all familiar with, the flying pest that goes around trying to suck the blood out of the unsuspecting human. Truth be told, it is only the female of the species that require blood; still, everyone knows what an adult mosquito looks like and it does take a couple of days for an adult to be able to fly and attack people. Different mosquitos will have different lifespans, while some can live as little as four days there are species that will live a whole month before their cycle ends.

life cycle of a mosquitoGet Them at Every Stage

If you can get rid of them before they can fly, you’re better equipped for preventing mosquitoes from mating, disrupting the cycle and making life that much better. While it would be nearly impossible for most people to go around the yard several times a day looking for a spot where a mosquito might try to lay eggs, or where they may live during the larva and pupa stage to try and combat them before they fly, this is exactly what a mosquito misting system can do.

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