What Exactly Is a No-See-Um?


Did you see that little bug?  If it was a no-see-um, probably not. What is a no see um? They’re small, blood-sucking gnats just barely visible to the naked eye. They’re actually from a family of biting flies. But unlike their much bigger cousin, you can’t see no-see-ums. You may not be able to see them, but you will definitely feel their bite. These pesky little bugs can inflict big pain, and like mosquitos, only the females bite. They prefer warm weather and love hanging out along coastal areas with lots of water and marshland.  Some people call no-see-ums biting gnats, while others call them biting midges, but everyone calls them annoying.

How Big Are No-See-Ums?

No-see-ums are really small. They’re only about 0.03 inches long, which is even smaller than fleas.  And because they’re so tiny, they can easily fit through screens on windows, doors, and on your lanai. These slow-movers usually travel in swarms.

Do No-See-Ums Bites Hurt?

No-see-um bites are painful. And to think, you didn’t see it coming. Even after you feel that powerful sting and go to swat whatever’s biting you, you see nothing at all, because the attacker is so small. Adding to the biting drama, it could take hours to even days before you’ll notice the large, red welts on your skin that these biting bugs leave behind. If you suffer from allergies, you may experience extreme itchiness.

How Do I Treat No-See-Um Bites?

Treating no-see-um bites is fairly simple. Wash the area with soap and warm water, and apply rubbing alcohol. If there’s swelling, apply ice packs. You can also use over-the-counter medicines, such as calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream to help relieve the itching, but try not to scratch the itch. The aloe vera plant also works well for both the itching and the pain. If your condition gets worse, see a doctor.

When Do No-See-Ums Come Out?

These warm-weather lovers come out mostly in the summertime, though they can be present year-round in some parts of South Florida. They’re most active at dawn and dusk, which are peak biting times, and usually gather poolside or near any other standing pools of water. No-see-ums actually breed in moist dirt (they love damp soil).

No-See-Um Prevention

When outside, you can take some of the same precautions for no-see-ums that you take for mosquitos, including:

  • Drain or cover any standing water.
  • Keep your grass, shrubbery, and bushes trimmed.
  • Try to keep moving to avoid these slow-flyers.
  • Keep lighting to a minimum, since they’re attracted to lights.
  • Protect your property with a mosquito misting system.

How to Get Rid of No-See-Ums

As we just mentioned, a misting system is the best way to handle no-see-ums, mosquitos and other biting insects. Here at SWAT Mosquito Systems®️, we use rosemary-based sprays and a botanical product – pyrethrum. Both are environmentally-friendly pesticides. Our state-of-the-art no-see-um and mosquito misting system is fully automated. It only needs to spray 2 to 3 times a day for 30 to 50 seconds each. You set the timer, for what works best for your schedule.

Reclaim Your Back Yard

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