4 Reasons to Get a Mosquito Misting System This Winter

You’ve probably noticed that people tend to experience fewer mosquito bites during the winter than in the warmer seasons like spring and summer. However, that doesn’t mean mosquito control during the winter is any less important. The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville are here to tell you why it’s actually essential to get a mosquito misting system this winter.

1. Get a Head Start for the Warmer Months

If you’ve ever wondered why mosquitoes are so abundant and active during the spring and summer, it’s because they work hard in the winter to set themselves up for success later on. The female mosquitoes lay their eggs which sit in hibernation until they are ready to hatch when it’s warm. Mosquito misting systems are able to work effectively year-round and are also harmful to eggs and larvae on top of adult females. This is precisely why it pays to have a misting system installed during the winter in order to see fewer mosquitoes in the coming months.

2. Keep Mosquitoes from Taking Refuge in Your Home

Mosquitoes tend to gravitate to warmer areas for the best chance of survival during the winter. This includes inside and around your home. Quality misting systems function as a barrier in keeping mosquitoes out of your home and preventing them from getting comfortable in your yard to wait out the next few months.

3. Misting Systems Still Work in Cold, Wet Air

Your average pesticide is likely to be ineffective during the winter because the solution tends to wash away in moist environments. It only makes sense that pesticides that get lost in the grass won’t be effective in the air where flying insects are more active. Misting systems, on the other hand, produce a fine mist that lingers in the air despite the weather outside. This is how it’s able to handle all kinds of flying bugs while they’re at their peak.

4. Get Rid of Other “Winter” Bugs

Even if you don’t see too many active mosquitoes during the winter, there are other pesky insects that stick around this time of year. Ticks and spiders especially don’t slowdown in the cold, but thankfully top-quality mosquito misting solutions work against all types of bugs including spiders and ticks. This makes misting systems a multi-purpose pest control that gives you added benefits no matter the climate.

Consult the Experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems!

If you want to see fewer mosquitoes in your yard by the time spring rolls around, come to the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville to have a quality misting system installed this winter! Our solution is effective against eggs and larvae to lessen the likelihood of an entire swarm infesting your yard once it starts getting warm. And in the meantime, you can be free of other pests that are commonly found during the winter, so there’s really nothing to lose!

If you want to know more about how our customized misting system works, we have friendly experts on staff to answer all of your questions and give you the information you need for a bug-free home. Call (954) 437-1815 today for a free quote!