If you live in Orlando, you may feel unfortunate having to deal with the worst Florida city for mosquitoes. Orlando, along with Miami and Fort Lauderdale, sees more mosquitoes than most other Florida cities for a few reasons. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando are here to explain why mosquitoes favor these areas and what you can do to protect yourself.

Why Mosquitoes Love Florida

Although Orlando has been ranked the worst Florida city for mosquitoes, you’re bound to run into a few of them in any part of the sunshine state. Florida may be a beautiful place to live in while attracting many tourists, but the wet climate and high population are precisely why mosquitoes thrive in this kind of environment. This is why the state has been officially deemed the worst state for mosquitoes. These flying pests need moisture to breed, and the coastal state gets plenty of it with a humid climate that sees frequent rainfall. Mosquitoes also need a blood meal to survive, and there’s an unlimited supply of it with the many people that occupy the area. When you think about it, places like Orlando are a dream come true for these blood-sucking creatures.

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What Does This Mean For Orlando Residents?

You’ve likely experienced a mosquito bite at some point in your life and remember the annoying itching sensation that followed. For many states, the inconvenience stops there. Florida, however, is a different case with the many illnesses and diseases roaming about. Because of the special breed of species that plague the area, residents of Orlando (as well as the rest of the state) are at risk of contracting debilitating and even deadly mosquito-borne illnesses. Some of these diseases can put you out of work for weeks with intense pain and can sometimes cause deformities in newborns. Therefore, it’s especially important for the people of Florida to protect themselves.

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Ways to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

It can be demoralizing to fear living in your own backyard due to mosquito illnesses being a big possibility. Self-administered bug sprays only last so long, if at all, and wearing long sleeves and pants to cover yourself can be difficult when it’s hot outside. What else is there to do? Mosquito misting solutions are extremely effective against mosquitoes and other types of biting bugs, and you don’t even have to lift a finger to use them! Once you have your misting system professionally installed and programmed to work automatically, all that’s left is to sit back and relax in peace while enjoying your yard. This method has already been proven to work in many Orlando homes, you just need to make sure you find the best in the business.

Get Around-the-Clock Mosquito Control In Orlando!

At SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando, we offer top-quality misting products with automated systems for easy and effective mosquito control. Our experts will personally evaluate your yard and design a customized system that’s best for you or your money back, guaranteed! Call (954) 437-1815 today to speak with our friendly and helpful team and to get started on a free estimate.

Frequent exposure to the rain may have you wondering if it’s even worth it to apply mosquito treatment during this time. But what other choice do you have for fending off mosquitoes in an environment that’s constantly wet like the entire state of Florida? Your average store-bought mosquito treatment will likely wash away, but the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale are here to introduce mosquito misting products as an effective solution that stays strong during rainfall.

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How DIY Mosquito Sprays React to Rain

If you were planning on rushing to the store to buy a DIY bug spray, you should be warned that many factors determine its effectiveness. For one, you’re already not sure if the product you buy will work on its own, let alone in the rain. Most mosquito treatments that you apply yourself are designed to dry up where it’s applied and claim to be water-resistant, but heavy rainfall that’s all too common in Florida still has the capacity to break down the hardened barrier and render it useless.

Even after understanding how store-bought mosquito treatment works, finding the small window for the best results can feel nearly impossible. It can take anywhere from two to four hours to completely harden, and you can’t apply it while it’s already raining. That means you have to predict the perfect time of day when it’s dry and there’s at least a 2-hour period of calm before it begins to rain. Weather isn’t always predictable no matter how often you check the reports. Alternatively, you can choose a mosquito treatment that’s guaranteed to work without needing to worry about weather conditions.

Mosquito Misting: The Better Choice for Rainfall

While DIY bug sprays consist of a heavy liquid that’s meant to drown the area it’s applied to, mosquito misting solutions gently spray and disburse a light mist into the air where it stays airborne. This method makes it so it’s unaffected by the rain, and it stays active where mosquitoes are more likely to be flying around. You don’t have to worry about applying a layer of liquid yourself and making sure there’s enough time to let it dry. With automated misting systems, you can get guaranteed results regardless of the weather without you having to put in any work.

Mosquito Misting

DIY Mosquito Treatment

● Continues to work effectively in the rain

● Targets the air where mosquitoes are active

● Won’t wash away

● Doesn’t need to be self-applied

● Needs time to harden

● Has to be applied to ground surface areas

● Can still be broken down in the rain

● Requires frequent reapplications

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The Best Mosquito Misting Systems in Florida!

Will rain wash away your mosquito treatment? Not if you go with mosquito misting solutions like the ones that we offer at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale! Our automated mosquito treatment continues to work effectively in the rain as it would on any other sunny day which makes it the best option for the wet climate of Florida. Call (954) 437-1815 today for more information and to receive a free quote!

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes tend to be more abundant after the presence of a hurricane? That’s not by coincidence. It may sound odd, but the best time for mosquitoes to breed is in the wake of a recent hurricane. The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa are here to teach you why this is the case and what you can do to help prevent it.

Why Mosquitoes Increase After a Hurricane

In case you didn’t know, mosquitoes can lay their eggs in stagnant water. They actually prefer it. But what does that have to do with hurricanes? Debris is usually tossed around during high winds, and rain tends to fall around the same time or after. What’s left behind are countless sources of standing water for mosquitoes to breed and lay their eggs. This is especially dangerous because even the smallest ounce of water is substantial enough to hold these eggs, which means mosquitoes can hatch from pretty much anywhere the eye can see. If it’s not taken care of, you could be seeing mosquito swarms in one or two weeks.

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What You Can Do to Stop the Breeding Process

With the nearly endless sources of stagnant water lying around after a hurricane, it may seem impossible to stop mosquitoes from breeding. However, not all hope is lost. Below are some of the best ways to prevent the hatching of mosquitoes and to avoid mosquito bites.

Removing Stagnant Water

One of the best things you can do to stop future mosquito swarms is to remove any instances of standing water. Pay mind to items that can collect and hold rainfall such as trash can lids, planters, buckets, tires, and any garbage that may have swooped into your yard. Even the leaves in your trees and shrubs can hold water, in which case you can hose them off. Tending to stagnant water in your yard should be done at least once a week for efficiency.

Wear Covered Clothing

Spending a large amount of time outdoors for hurricane recovery tasks can leave you available to mosquitoes. You can protect yourself by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants while you’re outside to cover skin that mosquitoes may target for their next blood meal.

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Keep Mosquitoes Out of the Home

No matter how inhabitable you make your yard for mosquitoes, they’ll be able to survive in your home if they happen to find their way inside. Be sure to proactively shut your windows and doors immediately so there’s less time for bugs to make a break for any openings.

Invest In a Mosquito Misting System

Hiring professional mosquito control services such as getting a mosquito misting system installed can reduce the number of active mosquitoes in your yard and make it easier to spend time outside for hurricane recovery activities. You are likely to see results after the first day of spraying, and more noticeable changes after one or two weeks which will prepare your home just in time for when mosquitoes typically hatch after a hurricane.

The Best Mosquito Misting Systems in Tampa

For a high-quality mosquito misting system that’s guaranteed to work or your money back, hire the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa! Call us today at (954) 437-1815 for more information about our services and to receive a free quote.

Out of all 50 states in America, Florida has been ranked as the absolute worst place for mosquitoes. This is an announcement that many residents of the sunshine state aren’t too proud of, but how did this happen? The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale are here to teach you why mosquitoes are so popular in Florida, the threats they bring, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Why Mosquitoes Love Florida

When you think about it, it’s no mystery why mosquitoes are so drawn to Florida. For starters, mosquitoes need water to breed and survive. Florida is right along the coastline, and the frequent storms and hurricanes leave behind many sources of standing water. Mosquitoes are also very attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide. Because the state is so heavily populated with both people and animals, these pesky biting insects can easily find their blood meal at every turn. Lastly, they thrive in humid yet dark atmospheres which our beloved state always providesith all these factors in mind, it’s almost as though our climate was practically made for mosquitoes. Nevertheless, these abundant bugs are a major problem in our society.

Florida Cities With the Most Mosquitoes

● Miami

● Tampa

● Orlando

● West Palm Beach

● Jacksonville

The Dangers of Mosquito Swarms

It can be annoying dealing with mosquitoes constantly trying to get a piece of you, but in Florida, getting a little itchy becomes the least of your troubles. While people in most other states deal with normal symptoms after getting bitten, Florida is a special case. Because of our location, mosquitoes have the capacity to spread many diseases, some of which are deadly. If you’re not careful in protecting yourself from mosquito bites, you could experience:

  • The Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Encephalitis
  • Chikungunya Virus
  • Dengue

You may have heard a couple of these names before, but in case you don’t know, many of these diseases have the potential to keep you bedridden for days, if not weeks. It is even possible for a mosquito-borne disease to spread to your child during pregnancy, leading to certain deformities. This can be very alarming, but there are actions you can take in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

How Florida Residents Can Fend Off Mosquitoes

If there’s no getting away from mosquitoes in Florida, how do you protect yourself and prevent contracting a terrible disease? There are many tips for preventing mosquito-borne illnesses, but one of the easiest and most effective methods requires installing a mosquito misting system. This form of mosquito control works fast in killing off adults, larvae, and eggs to stop the breeding cycle for a mosquito-free environment. Best of all, the installation is discrete, and the solution is relatively safe for human and pet exposure.

The Best Mosquito Control In Florida!

Existing in Florida doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t let the abundance of mosquitoes disturb your way of living, contact the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale for an easy and low-maintenance solution for keeping mosquitoes off your property! Call (954) 437-1815 for more information and a free quote.