You’re probably no stranger to getting the occasional mosquito bite, but how can you know if you’ve been infected or not? Aside from the annoying itchiness soon after getting bitten, it might be difficult to tell if a bite is cause for concern. We value your well-being which is why the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando put together this small guide on what to look out for when determining whether or not it’s time to visit a doctor for an infection. We’ll also give you a useful tip on how to limit the mosquitoes on your property to lessen the chances of getting bitten next time!

How Do Bug Bites Become Infected?

How do mosquito bites become infected in the first place? While the chances of a bite becoming infected may feel quite random, one thing is for certain. Scratching a bug bite (with the need to do so being overwhelming at times) can break the surface of the skin and leave behind an entry point for bacteria to enter the body. When this happens, the chances of the bacteria evolving into a bigger problem are rather high. But how can you tell if you’ve developed an infection? Once you know the symptoms, it can be pretty obvious.

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Top Signs To Look Out For

Every mosquito bite will be red and itchy for as long as a day or two, but that’s to be expected. As long as it doesn’t persist after a couple of days, there’s probably nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s not unlikely that things will get worse, with some of the most common signs of an infected mosquito bite being:

  1. Red streaks coming out of the affected area.
  2. The bitten area spreading wider.
  3. An increase in pain levels.
  4. Pus coming out of the bite.
  5. Extreme warmth around the bite.
  6. Chills and fever-like symptoms.
  7. Consistent swelling.

When It’s Time To See A Doctor

If you’re experiencing any of the signs that you may have a mosquito bite infection, you might be wondering if you should go see a doctor. It’s always a good idea to get checked just in case, but there are instances where it’s absolutely crucial to seek care. Examples include if your temperature reaches above 100 degrees, if the pain becomes unbearable, if you see bright red lines, and if the affected area appears worse after 48 hours. Your treatment may vary depending on the severity of your symptoms or the type of infection, but some of the most common remedies involve prescribed antibiotics or specialized ointments.

Invest In Proactive Mosquito Control

For a proactive way to limit the chances of getting bitten by a mosquito, consider effective mosquito control methods such as mosquito misting systems. These misting products have been proven to eliminate and ward off mosquitoes away from the property for noticeable results. Seek out a mosquito misting professional near you for a custom system that can be programmed to automatically mist your property and help promote a mosquito-free environment!

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The most obvious indicator of a mosquito bite is the persistent and uncomfortable itching sensation that quickly follows. But have you ever questioned why mosquito bites itch in the first place? The process is actually a bit more involved than you might think, but learning about what happens can help you figure out what to do (and what not to do) when it happens. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale will teach you why mosquito bites itch and what you can do in response!

What Happens When Mosquitoes Draw Blood

Even without diving into deeper research about mosquitoes, you already know that they like to take blood from humans. To be more specific, adult female mosquitoes are the ones that like to draw blood for the sake of fertilizing their eggs. But a closer look at the smaller details will reveal the exact reason that causes the itching.

The Proteins In Mosquito Saliva

For smooth blood-sucking, female mosquitoes will inject their saliva into their target. This is to help prevent the blood from clotting which can make it difficult to extract the amount of blood that they need. This saliva contains various proteins, and that’s what triggers the body’s fight response. This response is when you’ll start noticing skin reactions.

The Release Of Histamines

When your body detects the foreign proteins that are found in mosquito saliva, its defensive response is to release histamines to combat unwanted visitors. The purpose of these histamines is to make it easier for immune cells to reach the affected area, but this can result in your skin’s nerve endings becoming irritated which translates to itchiness.

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Can The Body Get Used To Mosquito Bites?

Many people will argue that mosquito bites become less itchy when the body has dealt with the occurrence enough times for the immune system to become used to it. However, that’s not the case with every person. Each individual is different, and that’s not the only factor to keep in mind. Although many mosquito species seem identical, there are thousands of varieties that can be found throughout Florida. Each of these species may carry slightly different types of proteins in their saliva, meaning that it’s possible for your body to react like it did the first time every time.

Ways To Deal With Mosquito Bites

Whether you’re trying to prevent mosquito bites from happening or you’re already suffering from persistent itching, there are a few things that you can do to help your situation. First of all, scratching it will just make the inflammation worse and make you more vulnerable to catching an illness. There are plenty of store-bought forms of mosquito itch relief products, but some of them contain chemicals that could cause more irritations or you might not notice any changes at all. At that point, it’s worth it to look into some more natural methods for soothing itchy skin. If you want to be proactive in preventing mosquito bites, the best and most natural way to get the results that you want is to equip your property with a custom mosquito misting system.

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Prevent Mosquito Bites With Our Custom Misting Solutions!

For the best misting systems that can help prevent itchy mosquito bites, call SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale at (954) 437-1815 to ask our friendly staff for more information on how to get a customized mosquito misting system for your property! All of our misting systems are automatic and set up by our professionals to activate during the hours of the day with the highest mosquito activity. We’ll also supply you with a remote to control your system whenever you want! Ask for a free estimate on your mosquito misting system installation today.

If you live in Orlando, you may feel unfortunate having to deal with the worst Florida city for mosquitoes. Orlando, along with Miami and Fort Lauderdale, sees more mosquitoes than most other Florida cities for a few reasons. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando are here to explain why mosquitoes favor these areas and what you can do to protect yourself.

Why Mosquitoes Love Florida

Although Orlando has been ranked the worst Florida city for mosquitoes, you’re bound to run into a few of them in any part of the sunshine state. Florida may be a beautiful place to live in while attracting many tourists, but the wet climate and high population are precisely why mosquitoes thrive in this kind of environment. This is why the state has been officially deemed the worst state for mosquitoes. These flying pests need moisture to breed, and the coastal state gets plenty of it with a humid climate that sees frequent rainfall. Mosquitoes also need a blood meal to survive, and there’s an unlimited supply of it with the many people that occupy the area. When you think about it, places like Orlando are a dream come true for these blood-sucking creatures.

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What Does This Mean For Orlando Residents?

You’ve likely experienced a mosquito bite at some point in your life and remember the annoying itching sensation that followed. For many states, the inconvenience stops there. Florida, however, is a different case with the many illnesses and diseases roaming about. Because of the special breed of species that plague the area, residents of Orlando (as well as the rest of the state) are at risk of contracting debilitating and even deadly mosquito-borne illnesses. Some of these diseases can put you out of work for weeks with intense pain and can sometimes cause deformities in newborns. Therefore, it’s especially important for the people of Florida to protect themselves.

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Ways to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

It can be demoralizing to fear living in your own backyard due to mosquito illnesses being a big possibility. Self-administered bug sprays only last so long, if at all, and wearing long sleeves and pants to cover yourself can be difficult when it’s hot outside. What else is there to do? Mosquito misting solutions are extremely effective against mosquitoes and other types of biting bugs, and you don’t even have to lift a finger to use them! Once you have your misting system professionally installed and programmed to work automatically, all that’s left is to sit back and relax in peace while enjoying your yard. This method has already been proven to work in many Orlando homes, you just need to make sure you find the best in the business.

Get Around-the-Clock Mosquito Control In Orlando!

At SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando, we offer top-quality misting products with automated systems for easy and effective mosquito control. Our experts will personally evaluate your yard and design a customized system that’s best for you or your money back, guaranteed! Call (954) 437-1815 today to speak with our friendly and helpful team and to get started on a free estimate.

Frequent exposure to the rain may have you wondering if it’s even worth it to apply mosquito treatment during this time. But what other choice do you have for fending off mosquitoes in an environment that’s constantly wet like the entire state of Florida? Your average store-bought mosquito treatment will likely wash away, but the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale are here to introduce mosquito misting products as an effective solution that stays strong during rainfall.

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How DIY Mosquito Sprays React to Rain

If you were planning on rushing to the store to buy a DIY bug spray, you should be warned that many factors determine its effectiveness. For one, you’re already not sure if the product you buy will work on its own, let alone in the rain. Most mosquito treatments that you apply yourself are designed to dry up where it’s applied and claim to be water-resistant, but heavy rainfall that’s all too common in Florida still has the capacity to break down the hardened barrier and render it useless.

Even after understanding how store-bought mosquito treatment works, finding the small window for the best results can feel nearly impossible. It can take anywhere from two to four hours to completely harden, and you can’t apply it while it’s already raining. That means you have to predict the perfect time of day when it’s dry and there’s at least a 2-hour period of calm before it begins to rain. Weather isn’t always predictable no matter how often you check the reports. Alternatively, you can choose a mosquito treatment that’s guaranteed to work without needing to worry about weather conditions.

Mosquito Misting: The Better Choice for Rainfall

While DIY bug sprays consist of a heavy liquid that’s meant to drown the area it’s applied to, mosquito misting solutions gently spray and disburse a light mist into the air where it stays airborne. This method makes it so it’s unaffected by the rain, and it stays active where mosquitoes are more likely to be flying around. You don’t have to worry about applying a layer of liquid yourself and making sure there’s enough time to let it dry. With automated misting systems, you can get guaranteed results regardless of the weather without you having to put in any work.

Mosquito Misting

DIY Mosquito Treatment

● Continues to work effectively in the rain

● Targets the air where mosquitoes are active

● Won’t wash away

● Doesn’t need to be self-applied

● Needs time to harden

● Has to be applied to ground surface areas

● Can still be broken down in the rain

● Requires frequent reapplications

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The Best Mosquito Misting Systems in Florida!

Will rain wash away your mosquito treatment? Not if you go with mosquito misting solutions like the ones that we offer at SWAT Mosquito Systems Miami and Fort Lauderdale! Our automated mosquito treatment continues to work effectively in the rain as it would on any other sunny day which makes it the best option for the wet climate of Florida. Call (954) 437-1815 today for more information and to receive a free quote!