4 Tips to Maintain a Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misting involves a rather simple system consisting of a tank, pumps, and nozzles. Because of the straightforward layout, they’re easy to maintain and repair as needed. While these systems work well on their own, there are ways to properly care for them to help them last longer and more efficiently. Today, the experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach are here to inform you of useful tips for maintaining a mosquito misting system!

1. Have A Professional Check It Regularly

One of the best ways to proactively look out for your mosquito misting system is to have it regularly inspected and cleaned by professionals roughly every few months. They’ll be able to find any issues with the system and make the necessary repairs to ensure smooth sailing. Cleaning your system is especially important since going one to two years without cleaning can clog up the parts which lead to breaking or brittle pieces.

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2. Keep An Eye on The Tank Status

Confirming the status of your tank is essential since leakage can cause you to lose out on your precious solution without you even knowing and cost you a refill sooner than later. Thankfully, an app-operated system will notify you if it senses a leak. A high-tech system is even capable of providing your mosquito control company the means to monitor your tank remotely so that they can respond with urgency.

3. Make Sure the Controller Works

Even if you have an automated system and hardly use your controller, testing out your controller every now and then is one way to tell if your system is working in general. Whether you use a traditional remote or a compatible smartphone app, try a command to see if your misting system will respond. If your system doesn’t seem to be receiving the signals, there could be a problem with either your controller or the system in general.

4. Know Your Misting System

Understanding your system, such as knowing where your lines and nozzles are, can help you do your own little inspections if you feel like something is off. Some problems can be seen at surface-level visibility which can help you relay important details to qualifying professionals. If you still notice that something isn’t working right but you can’t see anything at first glance, you can always contact your local mosquito experts.

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