Are Mosquito Misting Systems Loud?

Mosquito misting is quickly becoming a popular option for mosquito control throughout Florida, but as someone who values the peacefulness of their property, the topic of noise may come as a valid concern. But do misting systems produce a noise loud enough to be considered a noisy distraction to an otherwise tranquil day? The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to prove that quality misting systems don’t pose a threat to your property’s quiet atmosphere.

Misting Systems Are Made to Be Discrete

Contrary to what you may believe, misting doesn’t occur at all hours of the day. The solution is potent enough to spread out the misting cycle to 2-3 times a day for up to a minute long each session. That means the system will only be active for a maximum of 3 minutes every 24 hours. But will the system be loud during those mere minutes? Everything about the hardware involved is designed to produce a gentle and even mist, meaning that it doesn’t need to work too hard to get the liquid out into the open. Plus, most of the work comes from the motor which stays close to the tank. Usually, the tank is placed out of sight from the main area like in the garage or the shed where you wouldn’t be able to hear any noise anyway.

Compared to High-Voltage Mosquito Control

What does make a lot of noise, however, are voltage-based bug control devices like mosquito zappers and mosquito traps. With these contraptions, you will be able to hear a loud jolt every time a bug gets too close. If you’re worried about something causing too much of a commotion, traps and zappers will frequently draw your attention while you’re just trying to focus on having a good time. Not everyone wants to be aware of every insect getting killed when they would rather be relaxing or hanging out with great company.

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Take Control of the Situation

Misting systems generally don’t make a lot of noise, but if you’re still worried about it being a distraction during your next gathering, you have the ability to take matters into your own hands. Although these systems are programmed to be set off automatically during the day, you will be supplied with a remote that allows you to cancel or postpone your next misting session. Just keep in mind that making a habit of using this feature may affect your overall results since the system is already set to work at optimal efficiency.

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Where to Find Low-Profile Mosquito Misting Systems Near You

Where can you find a quiet and discrete misting solution in Florida? SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples has the high-quality misting system you’ve been looking for! Our team of specialists can equip your property using a customized blueprint designed around your yard for low-profile misting. You can control your automated mosquito misting system with a dedicated remote or you can sit back and watch the results unfold! Call our helpful team today at (954) 437-1815 to receive a free quote.