Did You Know The CDC Considers Mosquitoes The World’s Deadliest Animals?

When people ask you what’s the world’s deadliest creature, you’ll probably think of something big and intimidating like a tiger, a bear, or even a shark. But did you know that mosquitoes actually account for more deaths around the globe per year? The numbers have become so extravagant that the CDC even declared the mosquito as the world’s deadliest animal! That may sound too outlandish to be true, but the specialists at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa are here to share a quick overview of the data along with some of the best tips on how to protect yourself.

Why Mosquitoes Are Incredibly Dangerous

Getting a mosquito bite may be annoying, but it never feels like it’s the end of the world until it gradually descends into a major illness. That’s the tricky thing about mosquitoes and how they’ve managed to work their way to the top of the “deadliest creature” list. Because of their ability to carry and spread serious diseases like malaria, dengue, and West Nile, mosquitoes cause nearly a million deaths every year. Unfortunately, many cases come from Florida due to having a climate that mosquitoes love so much.

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A Look At Real Cases Of Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

As a resident Floridian, it’s understandable to be concerned about the looming threat of mosquitoes and the ever-expanding list of deadly diseases. For greater knowledge of what’s out there and what to watch out for, take a look at some of these statistics regarding the number of cases of each common arbovirus:

West Nile Virus

Perhaps the most common arbovirus throughout America is the West Nile Virus with a little over two thousand reported cases annually. One of the worst occurrences was not too long ago, with around 125 deaths happening in Arizona in 2021. Of course, there’s no sign of this particular disease being eradicated anytime soon.


Another big one is malaria with roughly a quarter of a million illnesses being reported just in 2021 alone. From a global perspective, over 600,000 individuals have died at the hands of malaria. Even with initiatives in place to help counteract this disease, it’s still a tough one to avoid.


Dengue is yet another widely spread arbovirus that’s especially common throughout Florida. Many of the reported cases are from people who have traveled between countries and have been growing rapidly since 2019. With the sunny state being a popular tourist destination, it only makes sense for cases to rise.

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The Best Ways To Protect Yourself

Although the number of cases surrounding these various mosquito-borne illnesses can be quite alarming, many of them can be preventable with the right knowledge. For example, you can help stop yourself from getting bitten by wearing covered clothing, but wearing long sleeves and pants can be difficult in bright and sunny Florida. Another thing you can do is remove any sources of stagnant water in your yard that can attract mosquitoes and give them a place to breed. However, a more effective way of keeping mosquitoes away from your property is by installing a mosquito misting system.

Misting systems emit a natural solution that’s poisonous to mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. This method is proven to be incredibly effective in killing off mosquitoes while keeping any more from entering the premises. That way, you can freely use your yard with less fear of getting bitten! Of course, you’ll need experts in the industry to bring you the results that you want.

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