Mosquito Misting Systems vs Fogging- Here’s How They Differ

Misting and fogging may sound similar, but there are clear differences between the two. After learning about the finer details, you’ll realize that one is much more beneficial than the other in every aspect. SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Orlando is here to teach you everything you need to know about misting and fogging.

Misting Systems Work 24/7

Misting systems are designed to work around the clock so there’s not a single moment when you’ll be without protection, and automated systems make it so you don’t even have to do anything yourself. This makes it more desirable as a permanent solution because let’s face it, pesky bugs are never leaving Florida. Fogging only lasts a few hours at a time and so you’ll find yourself taking time out of your day to frequently re-apply the solution throughout your entire yard. This is incredibly inconvenient when you have better things to do.

Stopping Bugs at Their Source

Most fogging solutions are only effective on bugs that are already fully grown and in your face. Misting systems dig a little deeper to target eggs and larvae before they have time to develop into a much bigger problem. It’ll feel like they never even existed in the first place! You’ll also be glad to know that misting systems are effective against all kinds of insects and not just mosquitos, such as:

  • No-see-ums
  • Spiders
  • Gnats
  • Wasps
  • Roaches
  • Ticks
  • Flies
  • Fleas

A Safer Solution

Bug control should target bugs and only bugs. Any product that poses a threat to you, your family, and your pets are completely counterintuitive. What’s the point in having a bug-free yard if it’s not safe enough to frolic around in it? This is the major downside to fogging as it’s made with hazardous chemicals to be extremely wary of. Misting systems, on the other hand, utilize all-natural solutions that are effective against bugs but are safe for all other living beings. Your yard shouldn’t be a warzone, which is why natural solutions exist to keep the peace!

Withstanding Harsh Climates

Not only is fogging hazardous, but it can easily be washed away in wet or humid weather thus making it useless. This is especially troublesome in places like Florida where the climate is constantly seeing its fair share of hectic weather conditions. For Florida homes, misting systems make much more sense since they’re able to stay effective in wet environments. This is due to the fact that the finer particles are more resilient compared to the larger droplets left behind after fogging which have a higher chance of being swept away.

The Best Mosquito Misting System in Orlando

For a mosquito misting system that effortlessly provides all of these wonderful benefits, look no further than SWAT Mosquito Systems®️ Orlando! We offer the best products in the area so you can enjoy a bug-free yard without even needing to lift a finger. We carefully evaluate your home and design a custom solution for optimal results. Take back your yard by calling us today at (954) 437-1815 for a free estimate!