Does Summer Rain Ruin The Effectiveness Of Mosquito Misting?

Summer rain may be a pleasant, rare occurrence in most places. But in Florida, anything is possible all year round. And with the state already being abundant with mosquitoes, summer rain doesn’t quite help the situation. Misting systems do an excellent job of killing off these biting bugs and keeping them at bay, but how well do they fare against downpours? The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to let you know how mosquitoes react to summer rain and whether or not these conditions will ruin the effectiveness of your misting system.

Warm Weather And Wet Environments: A Mosquito’s Paradise

The reason why there are so many mosquito swarms during the summer is because they love warm weather. However, they still need water and moisture to reproduce. Summer rain is like getting a two-for-one deal because mosquitoes can thrive in their ideal temperatures while having access to many sources of stagnant water after rainfall. That’s why it’s especially important to find an effective mosquito control that can continue to do its job even when faced with summer rain.

A Brief Overview Of A Mosquito’s Life Cycle

The reason why mosquitoes seem to thrive soon after it rains is because adult female mosquitoes lay their eggs in the standing water that’s left behind. If the eggs remain unbothered, they will hatch into larvae and turn into a pupa before evolving into full-fledged adult mosquitoes. Then the cycle repeats with the new female mosquitoes seeking a blood meal before laying more eggs.

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Mosquito Misting Systems: The Best Choice For Rain

Compared to other methods like chemicals and zappers, misting systems are one of the few methods that can be used practically in the rain. That’s because these automated systems can produce a fine mist without you needing to go out and get wet to manually turn them on, and the mist that comes out lingers in the air so it’s not washed away by the rain. Meanwhile, you would have to watch out for electrical hazards with zappers or your chemicals getting flooded.

Why Not Mosquito Fogging?

If misting systems work well in the summer rain, then why wouldn’t fogging be effective? Though the concepts may sound similar, they are actually very different things. The spray that is produced through fogging is much more dense, and since it’s a thicker substance, rain is able to sweep it away. Even when it’s not raining, mosquito fogging techniques only last a few hours and require a professional to come over and perform additional services. Misting systems offer a permanent solution with minimal maintenance needed.

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