Here’s Why Mosquito Control Is Important For Your Child’s Safety

If you value your child’s safety, you probably have an entire list of things that you frequently check to make sure that they stay happy and healthy. Maybe you consistently watch what they eat, or you make sure that they keep up with all of their medical appointments. But out of all of the ways that you ensure their safety, have you ever thought about how mosquito bites can affect them? These small bites can do more than just itch. They can introduce unfamiliar diseases into the bloodstream and kickstart all kinds of concerning symptoms. Today, the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems West Palm Beach are here to explain why mosquito control is important for your child’s safety!

Comparing Childlike Behaviors With Mosquito Activity

What do we know about children? They’re very sociable and love to play outdoors. And if there’s a pool nearby, you can bet that they’ll be eager to jump in. Encouraging kids to play outside is a healthy habit to get them into since they’ll take a break from their screens and get some much-needed sunlight. However, the experience can be ruined once they get a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes love backyard environments that have shady areas and water sources, especially pools. This means that they’re very likely to be nearby and in biting range. And once your child gets bitten, you’ll need to watch them closely to see if they exhibit any symptoms such as:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Body aches
  • Weakened muscles
  • Paralysis

Since children are still in the process of developing their bodies, they have weaker immune systems making it harder to ensure these symptoms. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to when and where mosquitoes are most active and get the best form of mosquito control to combat them in a way that’s still safe for kids.

How Arboviruses Can Cause Birth Defects

Some mosquito-borne illnesses, with a major emphasis on the Zika Virus, are capable of transmitting diseases to pregnant women which can result in defects and deformities in newborn children. Many of these defects can cause children to be born with brain or eye-related problems including trouble hearing or seeing and a delay in their developmental stages. Other issues include restricted body movements, trouble swallowing, and problems in the joint areas. With all of the permanent symptoms that can occur before a newborn even has a chance to grow, it’s crucial to protect yourself during pregnancy for the sake of your child’s future.

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The Safest Form Of Mosquito Control For Children

If mosquito control is essential for your child’s safety, what types of products are the best kind to have around them? Anything containing toxic chemicals is definitely something to avoid since you don’t want them being exposed to anything hazardous while they’re out playing. Spray-on repellents also fall in this category, and they’re not that effective anyway. Devices that put out any sort of voltage should also be kept away from children for obvious reasons. So what’s left? Mosquito misting systems emit an effective solution that’s made up of natural ingredients so that children can roam about carefree even while the system is active. And since they’re programmed to work automatically throughout the day, it’s never been easier to protect your kids from mosquitoes!

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