How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your House And Backyard

Florida’s humid climate can have you desperate for any mosquito-repelling trick you can find. But if you’ve already gone through a lot of trial and error with various sprays, ointments, and anything else that’s sold at your local retail store, you might be trying to think outside of the box for solutions that actually work. The experts at SWAT Mosquito Systems Jacksonville are here to show you some handy tricks for keeping mosquitoes away from your house and backyard!

Keep Up With Regular Yard Work

Believe it or not, mosquitoes love unkept yards. That’s because there are so many small and undisturbed places to hide where they can survive long enough to breed. Next thing you know, you’re sharing a home with a newly hatched family of biting bugs that you could have prevented just by cleaning up the lawn and mowing the grass. Yes, even tall grass provides enough of a safe space for mosquitoes to live comfortably.

Set Up Fans Around Your Property

Mosquitoes may be pesky and persistent, but they’re still weak fliers. While a fancy face-down fan mounted right above your front door is a great way to keep them from making it inside, your average fan can also do the trick. Next time you have a barbeque gathering in your backyard, bring your fan outside and have it pointed to where your guests will be sitting! You’ll see that mosquitoes will have a hard time settling down to acquire their essential blood meal.

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Install Screens On Your Doors and Windows

Many window and door screens are effective at keeping any sort of insects outside of your home because the mesh is typically too small for them to squeeze through. As long as you stay proactive in shutting the doors and windows whenever you’re not using them, these screens act as a fantastic barrier.

Grow Plants That Naturally Repel Insects

When cooking with various herbs and spices, you’ve probably noticed that some of them have quite a powerful scent. Many people find the smell of these ingredients delightful or soothing, but any mosquito would strongly disagree with you as they’re not able to handle the intensity of the smells as well as we can. And rather than putting up with it, mosquitoes will simply leave the area to find a new place to invade. For a garden that naturally repels insects, try planting:

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Sage
  • Citronella
  • Chrysanthemum

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, no need to worry! Mosquito misting systems just so happen to spray solutions that contain some of these natural ingredients such as rosemary and pyrethrum which comes from the chrysanthemum family.

Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding

Another effective way of keeping mosquitoes away from your home is to nip their breeding process in the bud. This can be done by removing all instances of stagnant water which they use to lay their eggs, and then kill off the existing adult mosquitoes. This ensures a permanent end to that particular bloodline, and you’re just left with making sure that no new bugs enter your space. A fast and easy way to eliminate the adult mosquitoes in your yard and to keep any outside bugs at bay is to have a mosquito misting system installed to work around the clock for you! You can let the automated system work on its own, or you can control misting sessions manually with the designated smartphone app and provided remote control.

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