Mosquito Control Service vs Mosquito Misting System

Many people are torn between choosing a mosquito control service and getting a misting system installed, but which option is actually better? Those who would rather call up a service company do so because they believe they’ll receive more personal treatment, but you’ll be surprised to learn that misting systems come with many more benefits on top of providing excellent service. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to break down the differences between a mosquito control service and mosquito misting systems.

Which Solution Costs More?

One of the major reasons why property owners end up getting in contact with a mosquito control service is because the upfront price is technically less than that of a mosquito system. However, they don’t consider the compounding costs of the frequent visits that are required to see the desired effects. Every time you call a mosquito control service to come down to your property, you are paying the same for the cost of labor and resources whether it’s your first or fiftieth time. That can easily add up, especially when you find yourself contacting them more often than you would like. With a mosquito misting system, you are only paying for the initial installation and the occasional refill which is much cheaper on a long-term scale.

Is One More Effective Than The Other?

The reason why you might be reaching out to your mosquito control service more often than you had originally thought could be because their work isn’t lasting as long as you were hoping it would. It’s entirely possible to start seeing mosquitoes again in just a couple of days, making the whole thing not even worth the effort. On the other hand, mosquito misting solutions have been proven to work so there’s no question of whether or not you’ll see the results that you want. Having a misting system installed is like placing a safe bet that you won’t regret.

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Are Either Of These Options Safe?

If you’ve ever had mosquito control come to your property, you’ve probably been told to stay indoors or at least out of the yard for a predetermined amount of time. That’s because the type of chemicals that are typically used can be toxic to both mosquitoes and humans. Rather than feeling like you’re trapped in your own home, mosquito misting systems spray a natural solution that’s only harmful to mosquitoes and other pests. You’ll be able to occupy your yard while the system is active with no repercussions!

What’s Better For Those With Busy Schedules?

Almost like dealing with a cable company, waiting on mosquito control services to show up on time can be a gamble. You’ll most likely have to set aside an entire day to account for them showing up and doing their business, and no one wants to spend their time on such a task when there are other things that need to be done. Thankfully, mosquito misting systems can be programmed to work automatically so you don’t even need to be home for them to work. You can easily live your life normally while also receiving top-notch mosquito protection, all while dealing with minimal maintenance.

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