Which Method Of Mosquito Control Is The Most Effective?

There are countless forms of mosquito control out there and researching every kind to find the best solution can take hours out of your day. Instead of wasting your precious time, take a look at this handy guide put together by your trusted professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa to discover which method of mosquito control is the most effective!

Mosquito Zappers Target The Wrong Bugs

Many people believe that mosquito zappers work because they can hear the sounds of zapping almost immediately and throughout the day. But have you ever noticed the kinds of bugs that are being eliminated? It’s been proven that these devices end up killing almost everything but mosquitoes, with some of their victims being species that are essential for a healthy ecosystem. This includes bugs that pollinate or kill harmful insects like mosquitoes which is the adverse effect that people try to achieve. Although this is a problem on a smaller scale, zappers tend to be distractingly loud especially when compared to other devices like misting systems.

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Mosquito Traps Can Attract Even More Mosquitoes

Trapping devices are already a bigger hassle than they’re worth because of all the maintenance that’s required, but what’s worse is that you could end up with more mosquitoes than you did previously. That’s because traps do a good job of attracting mosquitoes to their location, but they don’t always have the capacity to kill them off effectively. When you’re faced with part replacement and glue or net cleaning, you’ll be tempted to just throw the whole thing away.

Mosquito Foggers Give Fleeting Results

The worst part about foggers isn’t the fact that they require manual application from a qualified terminator, but that the effects of fogging only last up to a few hours after it’s been sprayed. That’s a lot of money to be spending on a non-permanent solution to your mosquito problem. Plus, this method doesn’t target eggs or larvae and has been known to cause severe skin reactions.

Insecticides Can’t Do The Job Alone

Everyone knows that the chemicals that are in liquid store-bought insecticides are hazardous, but most people don’t realize that oftentimes they’re not able to bring you results on their own. It can also be inconvenient to steer clear of the areas you’ve sprayed until it’s safe to come back out.

Mosquito Misting Systems Are The Best Option

Every single problem that other mosquito control methods have is nonexistent with mosquito misting systems. Misting solutions are non-toxic so you don’t have to clear the space while it’s being used, and the system is set to activate automatically throughout the day for long-lasting effects. Most importantly, misting targets and kills off adult mosquitoes as well as eggs and larvae. They require minimal maintenance, and they work discreetly so you can enjoy a mosquito-free yard without any distractions.

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