Did you know that June is Mosquito Awareness Month? These biting insects are active all year round, but the summer months are when they begin to thrive and become much more noticeable. But what is the point of Mosquito Awareness Month and how can you observe it? As professional mosquito control specialists, SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando can help guide you around this time of the year for all of your mosquito control needs!

Ways To Observe Mosquito Awareness Month

The reason why we observe mosquito awareness in June is that these insects have an easier time thriving in hot and humid weather. Now is the time when they’ll come out to look for their blood meal and lay their eggs to grow their numbers. But does that warrant an entire month of observance? The main reason why people recognize Mosquito Awareness Month is because many mosquitoes, especially the ones found around Florida, are capable of carrying and transmitting varying diseases which can lead to severe illnesses and sometimes death. That’s why it’s important to learn about the dangers and spread the word.

Understand Mosquito Dangers

Some of the most common mosquito-borne illnesses include Zika, dengue, West Nile, and various forms of encephalitis. There are many more arboviruses, of course, and each kind can induce many unpleasant symptoms. What can start off as a cough can easily lead to paralysis or permanent conditions. Take this time to seriously consider the dangers of mosquito bites and take action.

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Get Effective Mosquito Control

Mosquito bite prevention is essential in avoiding mosquito-borne diseases. There are many options available, but mosquito misting systems have been proven to be among the most effective since it kills egg-laying female mosquitoes while deterring any more bugs from approaching your property.

When Is Mosquito Control Awareness Week?

In addition to June being Mosquito Awareness Month, there is also a Mosquito Control Awareness Week to recognize the importance of effective mosquito control. For the year 2023, this week will be from June 20th to the 26th and many people will be doing everything they can to protect themselves from getting bitten while they go out and enjoy the sunny season. You can use the hashtag #MosquitoWeek to show off your participation on social media while calling SWAT for premium mosquito misting systems in Orlando.

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Interesting Mosquito Facts

● Females can lay up to 300 eggs at a time.

● The average lifespan of a mosquito is about two months.

● Out of the thousands of mosquito species, a good few hundred of them feed on human blood.

● Mosquitoes also feed on cattle, horses, house pets, and birds.

Get A Mosquito Misting System To Commemorate Mosquito Awareness Month!

What better way to observe Mosquito Awareness Month than by getting top-grade mosquito control for a mosquito-free property? Call SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando at (954) 437-1815 to ask about our automated misting systems and to receive a free quote. Every installation is custom-made to your property for an effective solution and noticeable results. Each system comes with a remote control so you can adjust it as needed, but it will already be programmed to spray at active times of the day by our skilled and talented specialists. Get started today!

You might think you know everything about mosquitoes, especially if you’ve been dealing with these pesky bugs for many years now. But what if we told you that many of the facts that you believe about them are actually false? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are so many misconceptions about mosquitoes floating around that it can be easy to mix up what’s true and what’s just speculation, but that’s why the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to set the facts straight!

Myth #1: It Takes A Male Mosquito And A Female Mosquito To Breed

Male mosquitoes and female ones practically live in different worlds. While male varieties typically feed on nectar, female mosquitoes rely on blood meals to breed and lay eggs, making them an asexual reproductive species. They are able to reproduce and populate their numbers without the assistance of a male counterpart. This means that female mosquitoes are the ones you want to target when trying to eliminate mosquitoes around our property.

Myth #2: Every Mosquito Bites Humans

As mentioned earlier, only female mosquitoes bite. And even then, only certain species care to bite humans to obtain a blood meal. But with thousands of different mosquito varieties in the world (many of which occupy the sunny state of Florida), you can never be too careful in taking extra measures to avoid getting bug bites that can evolve into a disease.

Myth #3: You Can Naturally Repel Mosquitoes By Eating Certain Foods

This myth has become a popular trend because the idea of fending off mosquitoes just by eating certain foods is like a dream come true. However, things just aren’t that simple. While it’s been proven that certain food-related scents (such as various herbs) can put off mosquitoes, there’s no solid evidence to prove that eating these foods does anything to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Myth #4: Bug Zappers Work On Mosquitoes

A lot of people like to buy a bug zapper and believe that their problems are solved because they’ll find an abundance of dead carcasses in their trap, but the truth is that there is nothing about these zappers that attracts mosquitoes. The zapping that you hear when these devices are working is the sound of other types of bugs getting caught, specifically bugs that are useful to the environment.

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Myth #5: Bats Can Fix Your Mosquito Problem

Bats have been known to eat mosquitoes, but they don’t primarily seek out these bugs. They have a wide and varied diet, and mosquitoes are just a minuscule part of it. Some people will purposely attract bats to their property as a form of natural mosquito control, but you shouldn’t rely on this method to solve your problem.

Myth #6: Mosquitoes Don’t Care About The Color Of Your Clothing

Believe it or not, mosquitoes can see color and they actually have a preference. White, yellow, and other light colors tend to fly under their radar, but bolder colors like blue will stand out much more. They’ll be able to spot you more easily and gravitate toward you as an unsuspecting target.

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Combat Mosquitoes With Our Custom Misting Products!

Now that you understand the truth about mosquitoes and what they’re capable of, what is the best way to protect yourself against them? Trust SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples to equip your property with an automated mosquito misting system to spray during the most active times of the day for the best results. Call our professionals at (954) 437-1815 for more information and to receive a free quote!

There are countless forms of mosquito control out there and researching every kind to find the best solution can take hours out of your day. Instead of wasting your precious time, take a look at this handy guide put together by your trusted professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa to discover which method of mosquito control is the most effective!

Mosquito Zappers Target The Wrong Bugs

Many people believe that mosquito zappers work because they can hear the sounds of zapping almost immediately and throughout the day. But have you ever noticed the kinds of bugs that are being eliminated? It’s been proven that these devices end up killing almost everything but mosquitoes, with some of their victims being species that are essential for a healthy ecosystem. This includes bugs that pollinate or kill harmful insects like mosquitoes which is the adverse effect that people try to achieve. Although this is a problem on a smaller scale, zappers tend to be distractingly loud especially when compared to other devices like misting systems.

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Mosquito Traps Can Attract Even More Mosquitoes

Trapping devices are already a bigger hassle than they’re worth because of all the maintenance that’s required, but what’s worse is that you could end up with more mosquitoes than you did previously. That’s because traps do a good job of attracting mosquitoes to their location, but they don’t always have the capacity to kill them off effectively. When you’re faced with part replacement and glue or net cleaning, you’ll be tempted to just throw the whole thing away.

Mosquito Foggers Give Fleeting Results

The worst part about foggers isn’t the fact that they require manual application from a qualified terminator, but that the effects of fogging only last up to a few hours after it’s been sprayed. That’s a lot of money to be spending on a non-permanent solution to your mosquito problem. Plus, this method doesn’t target eggs or larvae and has been known to cause severe skin reactions.

Insecticides Can’t Do The Job Alone

Everyone knows that the chemicals that are in liquid store-bought insecticides are hazardous, but most people don’t realize that oftentimes they’re not able to bring you results on their own. It can also be inconvenient to steer clear of the areas you’ve sprayed until it’s safe to come back out.

Mosquito Misting Systems Are The Best Option

Every single problem that other mosquito control methods have is nonexistent with mosquito misting systems. Misting solutions are non-toxic so you don’t have to clear the space while it’s being used, and the system is set to activate automatically throughout the day for long-lasting effects. Most importantly, misting targets and kills off adult mosquitoes as well as eggs and larvae. They require minimal maintenance, and they work discreetly so you can enjoy a mosquito-free yard without any distractions.

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The Best Mosquito Misting Company In Tampa!

For the most effective method of mosquito control, contact SWAT Mosquito Systems Tampa at (954) 437-1815 to learn more about our automated and remote-controlled misting systems and to receive a free quote! Our custom products are proven to work, guaranteed.

Many people are torn between choosing a mosquito control service and getting a misting system installed, but which option is actually better? Those who would rather call up a service company do so because they believe they’ll receive more personal treatment, but you’ll be surprised to learn that misting systems come with many more benefits on top of providing excellent service. The professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples are here to break down the differences between a mosquito control service and mosquito misting systems.

Which Solution Costs More?

One of the major reasons why property owners end up getting in contact with a mosquito control service is because the upfront price is technically less than that of a mosquito system. However, they don’t consider the compounding costs of the frequent visits that are required to see the desired effects. Every time you call a mosquito control service to come down to your property, you are paying the same for the cost of labor and resources whether it’s your first or fiftieth time. That can easily add up, especially when you find yourself contacting them more often than you would like. With a mosquito misting system, you are only paying for the initial installation and the occasional refill which is much cheaper on a long-term scale.

Is One More Effective Than The Other?

The reason why you might be reaching out to your mosquito control service more often than you had originally thought could be because their work isn’t lasting as long as you were hoping it would. It’s entirely possible to start seeing mosquitoes again in just a couple of days, making the whole thing not even worth the effort. On the other hand, mosquito misting solutions have been proven to work so there’s no question of whether or not you’ll see the results that you want. Having a misting system installed is like placing a safe bet that you won’t regret.

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Are Either Of These Options Safe?

If you’ve ever had mosquito control come to your property, you’ve probably been told to stay indoors or at least out of the yard for a predetermined amount of time. That’s because the type of chemicals that are typically used can be toxic to both mosquitoes and humans. Rather than feeling like you’re trapped in your own home, mosquito misting systems spray a natural solution that’s only harmful to mosquitoes and other pests. You’ll be able to occupy your yard while the system is active with no repercussions!

What’s Better For Those With Busy Schedules?

Almost like dealing with a cable company, waiting on mosquito control services to show up on time can be a gamble. You’ll most likely have to set aside an entire day to account for them showing up and doing their business, and no one wants to spend their time on such a task when there are other things that need to be done. Thankfully, mosquito misting systems can be programmed to work automatically so you don’t even need to be home for them to work. You can easily live your life normally while also receiving top-notch mosquito protection, all while dealing with minimal maintenance.

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