What Does The Agitator In A Mosquito Misting System Do?

Many people turn to mosquito misting as the most efficient way to combat pesky biting bugs because of how simple they are to use. Anyone with these systems installed onto their property will likely know about the tank, hoses, and nozzles as a few of the most important parts, but there may be one more crucial component that you might not be aware of. Today, the professionals at SWAT Mosquito Systems Orlando will be teaching you about what an agitator does in your mosquito misting system!

The Difference Between Misting Systems And Store-Bought Sprays

To understand the significance of an agitator in a misting system, it helps to know how misting systems differ from your typical store-bought sprays. The substance that you find in self-applied pesticides usually includes a load of varying chemicals, and that includes emulsifiers. The reason why you can just pick up a bottle of mosquito spray and use it without needing to shake it up is because the emulsifiers that are combined into the solution are there to keep the ingredients from separating. Since mosquito misting systems use natural ingredients, using toxic chemicals and other additives is out of the question. That is where the agitator comes in.

The Importance Of An Agitator In Mosquito Misting Systems

As we mentioned earlier, misting systems consist of all-natural ingredients without the use of chemicals including emulsifiers. However, it’s still important to keep the solution blended for a consistent spray and guaranteed results. Rather than mixing in a component to keep the natural ingredients from separating, misting systems utilize a useful device called an agitator which keeps the liquid moving around and well-blended. It’s like the difference between freshly-kneaded pizza dough and frozen dough that’s been pumped with preservatives.

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What Ingredients Are In My Misting System?

An agitator is needed for misting systems because the solution that is being sprayed is all-natural. The main component is pyrethrum which comes from the chrysanthemum flower species. This flower is primarily used as a natural mosquito control for its smell and the fact that it’s only toxic to these biting bugs, but other plants are also capable of giving off scents that are unpleasant to mosquitoes like rosemary, basil, and peppermint. Misting solutions contain a handful of natural bug deterrents that are biodegradable.

What Else Makes Up A Mosquito Misting System?

While the agitator is working to ensure that your solution remains at peak effectiveness, there are other components that make up your misting system that are just as important. Your mosquito expert is able to set schedules based on your location and other factors, but the misting system’s controller is what takes that information and makes it happen. Once the controller activates, the distribution system does the rest. This system consists of a series of tubes, risers, and nozzles that are strategically placed throughout the yard in the most discreet yet effective way that works for you. When you think about it, misting systems are a very simple concept which is one of the many reasons why people prefer it over other methods.

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The Best Mosquito Misting Systems Near You!

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