Will Mosquito Misting Cover My Entire Yard?

A common problem with most mosquito control methods is that they don’t always offer full coverage of the yard. Their “effective” range is limited to a certain radius around the device or substance where it’s placed, and that’s not always enough to experience a mosquito-free environment. SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples offers a better solution. Mosquito misting systems are capable of providing coverage for your entire yard, and we’re going to teach you how!

Mosquito Misting Systems 101

The great thing about mosquito misting systems is that they consist of a very simple setup that’s easy for anyone to follow. There’s your main tank with the misting solution and agitator, hoses that branch away from the tank, and nozzles that disperse the mist at the end of the hoses. Compared to other forms of mosquito control that have more complex systems, misting is as simple as letting it do its job after the initial installation. But now that you understand the basics of how a misting system works, you may be wondering if it’s enough to provide coverage throughout the entirety of your yard. Yes, it can, but it still helps to understand how.

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Mosquito Misting Systems Are Low-Maintenance

Other than protecting the entire scope of your yard, the great thing about mosquito misting systems is the fact that they provide effective mosquito control without the need for any continuous labor. These systems work automatically with the option to control them if you so desire, but it’s not necessary.

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Getting Mosquito Protection With Yard-Wide Coverage

Misting systems have the potential to provide your property with coverage spanning your entire yard, but only when they’re installed by the right hands. The nozzles are meant to be placed along the perimeter of the landscape as well as any big mosquito hotspots throughout the area. Misting these high-activity trouble spots can eliminate mosquitoes that are present while killing any eggs, larvae, or pupae that are left behind before they can grow and develop. Meanwhile, the nozzles surrounding the perimeter can stop any more mosquitoes from entering the yard. So yes, mosquito misting systems are completely capable of providing full coverage for any yard when done correctly.

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Do Misting Systems Only Target Mosquitoes?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, you’ll be glad to know that misting systems do more than just kill and fend off mosquitoes. The natural pesticides that are found in misting solutions are effective against all kinds of pesky bugs including no-see-ums, ticks, fleas, flies, wasps, and more!

Achieve Full Mosquito Coverage From SWAT Mosquito Systems!

For automated mosquito misting systems near you, call SWAT Mosquito Systems Fort Myers and Naples at (954) 437-1815 for a free estimate on your next installation! Our specialists know how to craft a custom layout that can provide coverage for your entire yard resulting in a mosquito-free environment.